Can Divorcing Fathers Receive Child Support Payments in Belleville, IL


Whenever men divorce, the one thing they dread the most is all the money that will have to go into alimony payments.  This is why some men in Belleville, IL choose to stay married with their spouse, simply because they cannot afford the child support and spousal payments a divorce would likely create. What a lot of married men don’t know, however, is that they are entitled to child support payments from a divorce.

Father’s Rights in a Divorce

The rights you have as a father in a divorce are often misconstrued. It’s important to remember that not every divorce is alike and just because you are getting a divorce with your spouse does not necessarily mean you will lose custody of your children and have to pay obscene amounts of child support. It is also possible for a father to win custody of their children and may also receive child support payments from their ex-spouse.

Finding a Good Lawyer

If you want the best possible outcome in your divorce case in Belleville, IL, it is important to find an experienced lawyer who will work their hardest to protect your rights to custody and child support as a father. They need to be able to demonstrate how you would be a better caregiver for your child than your spouse. As a male parent in a divorce case, you will have to fight for your rights as the parent of your children. This is why it is important to hire a professional lawyer who can give you the advice you need every step of the way to help you win your case and get you your desired outcome.

More on Your Rights as A Father

Fathers who have primary custody of their children are the only ones who can receive child support, if you only receive visitation then you are not eligible. You also have to make less money and have fewer assets than your spouse does to be eligible for child support payments. This is the reason why fewer women pay child support than men, however, as woman’s earnings continue to increase, the gap is continuing to decrease. Never forget your rights as the father of your children.

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