When Results Matter, Experience Counts
The Law Office of Robert Elovitz provides clients with over 25 years of legal experience.
A Hands-On, Personalized Approach to The Law
The Law Office of Robert Elovitz provides clients with over 25 years of legal experience.
Maximizing Success for Illinois Residents
The Law Office of Robert Elovitz provides clients with over 25 years of legal experience.
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An Experienced Attorney in Madison & St. Clair County for Criminal and Family Law

The Law Office of Robert Elovitz is the trusted source for quality legal representation in Edwardsville, IL, and the greater Metro East area. Attorney Robert Elovitz has years of proven, successful experience defending the interests of clients dealing with criminal charges as well as divorce proceedings. We understand that these types of cases can potentially be life-changing and many clients can quickly become overwhelmed. Our office is dedicated to guide you through these difficult times and help you achieve the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress possible.

Criminal and family law cases can be very complicated – we’ll make sure you’re on the path to success and that your legal rights are protected. Consult with our office about your situation and we’ll go over all the available options with you. Don’t face divorce cases or criminal charges alone. Enlist the help of the Elovitz Law Office and you’ll have a seasoned, knowledgeable, and experienced team at your side!

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The Right Choice in Representation

First-hand Insight and Experience with the Opposition

When you need to hire an attorney, you want one on your side that can offer you every advantage in your case. Experience is a valuable asset, but attorney Robert Elovitz also has firsthand knowledge of how prosecutors pursue their cases. Being a former Madison County prosecutor himself, he has tried many complex criminal cases and uses his understanding of how convictions are pursued to help minimize the consequences his clients face.

Your Best Interests are Our Top Priority

At the Law Office of Robert Elovitz, we understand that emotions can run high during divorce proceedings. It can be hard for those involved to make good decisions or to know what options are in their best interest. That’s why you need a skilled lawyer like Robert Elovitz on your side. We always seek the greatest possible outcome for our clients and hold their interests – and the interests of any children involved – at the top of our list of priorities.

Practice Areas:

criminal law attorney edardsville il

Criminal Law

Have you been charged? From misdemeanors to felonies, our law firm has the knowledge and resources to form a formidable defense for the wrongly accused.

divorce attorney edwardsville illinois

Divorce Law

Our law firm helps men, women, and children deal with problems of divorce including paternity, custody, child support, alimony, and allocation of parental responsibility.

family law attorney edwardsville il

Family Law

In addition to divorce, we can help resolve a wide range of family law problems that include contested wills and other disputes that threaten to tear families apart.

traffic law attorney edwardsville il

Traffic Law

From DUI to simple moving violations, our law firm understands the process of expunging something from your driving record, helping retain your privilege to drive.

dui lawyer edwardsville illinois


Have you been charged with DUI or DWI? We provide defense for those that have been charged with driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence.

drug offense attoney edwardsville il

Drug Offenses

Drug charges carry long mandatory minimums that could derail your life goals. Put the law on your side and navigate the system to stay out of jail and on track.

About Our Law Office

Formerly a Madison County prosecutor, Robert Elovitz decided to open his own law office over 17 years ago and has been representing Edwardsville, IL area clients in a variety of criminal defense and divorce cases ever since. Our office is devoted to personalized legal representation, providing a hands-on approach that is tailored to each client’s individual needs. No two cases are alike, but they are all difficult and stressful to deal with. However, you won’t have to go at it alone when you enlist our office for help. Robert Elovitz or one of his courteous staff is always on hand to speak to you – not just during business hours, but on weekends and evenings as well. We’re committed to providing skilled representation to local clients during life-altering events in their lives.

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Success is a Proven Fact

When you choose the Law Office of Robert Elovitz, you’re choosing an experienced attorney that’s successfully resolved thousands of cases over a 25+ year career. Success is a proven fact, and the facts point to Robert Elovitz as one of the Edwardsville Illinois Metro Area’s most experienced and successful attorneys.

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