Keeping Social Media Out of Divorce Litigations Collinsville, IL

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In this day in age, we put a lot of our personal life onto social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Anyone from anywhere in the world can see what we post whether it be a fun photo from a recent party or a nice photo of you and your loved ones spending time with one another. When going through a divorce, however, it is important to watch what you are sharing online as what you share could be used against you in a Collinsville, IL court case. Some examples of things you should not share are:

  • Photos of individuals in inappropriate or comprising situations.
  • Posts that show illegal drugs being used or even supported.
  • Photo or videos of parents with alcoholic beverages, this is especially prevenient whenever alcohol abuse is a known issue.
  • Photos or videos of the divorcing couples’ children are being used on either social media or dating sites.

Platforms Like Facebook have a number of privacy settings that protect their users, however, not everything can stay private in a divorce case. While you might be able to make your posts private to only a few people, the court still has the authority to make you release all your social media posts. There have not been any laws created regarding these kinds of privacy issues, however, the court rulings can decide what the law will be.

Social Media Causes Case Issues

There have been numerous cases of social media being a conflicting issue in divorce cases. In 2011, a couple in Connecticut was ordered by the court to give their social profiles and dating website passwords to their opposite party’s attorney. This case has been seen as a great breach of privacy. Both parties had complete access to each other’s social media accounts. While not all cases are this extreme, they can happen.

There have been many cases over the years where social media negatively affected a divorce case. And with social media continuing to raise, it is unlikely we will ever see these kinds of cases stop. It’s important to be responsible online when you’re going through a divorce as what you say and what you share can be used against you.

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