Keeping Social Media Out of Divorce Litigations Collinsville, IL

Divorce Court

In this day in age, we put a lot of our personal life onto social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Anyone from anywhere in the world can see what we post whether it be a fun photo from a recent party or a nice photo of you and your loved ones spending time […]

Things You Will Need to Know at A Child Custody Hearing in O’Fallon, IL

child custody hearings o'fallon il

When parents cannot agree on parenting plans, O’Fallon, IL courts will hold child custody hearings. These kinds of hearings are infamously stressful given all the emotions running rampant given parent-child relationships are at the forefront. The judge is ultimately trying to create a child custody and visitation order that will best benefit the child. Be […]

What To Consider Before Negotiating Child Support Outside of Court

Child Custody

Alton, IL family courts apply state guidelines when deciding the amount of child support that parents must pay after they get a divorce. These guidelines consider parental income and the number of children that will require financial support. In many cases, parents wish to depart from these guidelines and create their own agreement that they […]

How to Find Hidden Assets in A Divorce

unreported assets edwardsville illinois

As part of the divorce process, a judge will determine how assets will be distributed based on a court decision or agreement. If both spouses are unaware of the assets and debts involved in the divorce, the distribution cannot be fair. A spouse anticipating a divorce may try to hide assets from his or her […]

What is the Difference Between Join Shared Parenting and Joint Custody


Parents of minors have numerous options when it comes to creating visitation and custody guidelines. However, coming up with the right solution can be confusing and stressful. Terms describing the different arrangements can all sound similar. For example, joint shared parenting and joint custody are not the same things. Understanding the differences between these two […]

How to Obtain Greater Child Custody Rights in Granite City, IL

Family Law

Are you concerned about the child custody agreement that you have? If you have any concerns about your current custody agreement and believe that you may need to take legal action in order to secure greater custody rights, it is crucial to know your options. In order to learn these options, you will need a […]

Who Gets the Edwardsville, IL House in a Divorce?


Home Ownership and Divorce Going through a divorce can bring up a lot of questions. One of the first ones is “what are we going to do about the house?” An Edwardsville, IL home is not only a couple’s largest asset, but it is also an asset that has the most emotional attachment.  Both you […]

How to Remove an Edwardsville, IL Traffic Ticket from my Driving Record

Traffic Ticket

One of the worst feelings is to get pulled over when you’re running late to work, or just going about your day. This can happen to any of the drivers in the Edwardsville, IL area. With this in mind, however, it may be all but possible to remove a traffic ticket from your driving record. […]

What Happens At Your Probation Hearing in Troy, IL if You Violate Your Terms?

probation hearing

A probation hearing sentence is considered to be one of the most desirable sentences after a criminal conviction. Probation is a better alternative to jail time when you have been convicted of a crime. In some cases, a judge may sentence a person to probation if the crime that was committed was not as serious. […]