Things You Will Need to Know at A Child Custody Hearing in O’Fallon, IL

child custody hearings o'fallon il
divorce custody hearings o'fallon il

When parents cannot agree on parenting plans, O’Fallon, IL courts will hold child custody hearings. These kinds of hearings are infamously stressful given all the emotions running rampant given that parent-child relationships are at the forefront. The judge is ultimately trying to create a child custody and visitation order that will best benefit the child. Be prepared to be asked these kinds of questions at a hearing such as this.

How do You Manage Childcare?

The judge will be interested in knowing where the child lives, what arrangements are available for the child, and how the parenting time is split. When current arrangements are not working with both parents and just one of you, you will need to explain why. You will also need to tell the judge what parts of the current arrangement work well.

What Kind of Parenting Time Arrangement Works Best for You?

Visitation schedules created for joint custody parents need to fit well with the child and their parents. If you want to have specific days with your child like on holidays or other special occasions, express your interest in the hearing.

Are You Requesting Sole or Joint Custody?

Courts far prefer granting joint custody, that way the child can have a meaningful relationship with both parents. If sole custody is what you believe is best for the child, then you need to be able to present enough evidence to prove that joint custody would be harmful.

How Well Do You Get Along with the Other Parent?

When parents can communicate constructively and effectively, a joint custody agreement can work its best. This could be an obstacle if you already could not determine custody without having to go to court. Life is full of changes and a custody schedule can shift when new opportunities come up in a child or parents’ life. Respect between both parties is a crucial challenge in a custody decision.

What Is Your Current Financial Situation?

judge in child custody court hearing o'fallon il

If you want physical custody of your child, you need to prove that you can provide them with the bare minimum like food and shelter. The court needs to know about your income and assets to figure out how much child support you will need to pay and receive.

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