Different Types of Sobriety Tests You May Encounter

DUI Test

If you have been driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and you are stopped by the police. They may administer one of their different types of sobriety or a test. The purpose of these tests is to determine if anything is in your system that is preventing you from sobriety. This is also a way for the police to determine an arrest to then charge you with driving under the influence. These tests are far from perfect and in many cases could also lead to someone being wrongfully arrested. Throughout this blog, we will take a closer look at these different tests and possible ways that there may be evidence in your favor for a DUI case.

The One-Leg Standing Tests

One of the most common tests in the range of sobriety tests requires the potentially intoxicated person to exit their car and try and balance on one leg. This test usually will take up to 30 seconds or so. If this sounds hard for you to do, even if you are sober, you aren’t the only one. Officers will take this into account when judging your balance, but it is not always a guarantee and could lead to your arrest.

Walk-and-Turn DUI Test.

In this certain test, the office will ask the person in question to walk in a straight line. Not just a straight line, however, but placing one foot directly in front of the other. Almost as if you were walking on a balance beam. In this test, the officer will also ask you to then walk backward in the same way. Just like the one-legged standing test, this could be hard for less coordinated individuals.

Horizontal Gaze DUI Test

This test is perhaps the most used test during modern traffic stops. In this certain test, the officer will ask the driver to follow a pen, their finger, or another small object as they move side to side without moving their head. To officers, jerky eye movement is not a giveaway of intoxication; it could be caused by sedatives; vision loss, and even other conditions

The Biggest Flaws

Overall, there can be huge flaws when it comes to these tests. Some people will simply not have the common ability to actually do these different things. Age, disability, and different restrictions can be the case of failure in these moments. If you are in these situations and you have failed one of these tests that you feel was unfairly given, call us at Elovitz Law Office today for help. We are here to help sort out any problems at hand to ensure your justice and good doings.

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