What are the Different Types of Thefts & Punishments?

types of petty and felony theft in belleville il

Different Classifications of Theft & Punishments in Belleville IL

Theft in Illinois has been classified under two major categories of a felony and petty offense. The name of the former may imply that the crime is negligible. However, both types attract hefty punishments ranging from hefty fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record.

Below is a classification of theft offenses and the punishment for each.

Class A Misdemeanor Theft in Illinois

types of petty theft in belleville il

A theft is considered a class A misdemeanor in case the property in question does not exceed the value of $500. The property should not have been taken directly from the person of another.

A typical Class A misdemeanor case attracts a jail time for not less than a year and an additional fine of not more $2,500. The offender is compelled to pay full compensation for the losses related to the theft.

Class 2 Felony Theft

A crime 2 Felony Theft in Illinois involves the taking of property valued at less than $500 from the person of another individual. A crime that consists of the taking of property valued at between $500 and $10,000 in a school or church setting becomes a Class 2 felony in Belleville, Illinois. Class 2 felony theft attracts a jail time ranging from 3-7 years plus a fine not exceeding $25,000. The offender also pays mandatory full restitution for the damages resulting from the theft.

Class 3 Felony Theft

Theft of goods and services with a value of $500 or less and not exceeding $10,000 is a class 3 felony theft in Illinois if the property is taken from the person of another. Retail thefts that include property worth $300 are class 3 felony thefts.

A class 3 felony theft results in a jail sentence of 2-5 years and a fine that does not exceed $25,000. The guilty offender also pays full compensation for all losses associated with the theft.

Class 4 Felony Theft

punishments for felony theft in belleville il

Class 4 felony theft in Illinois involves the taking of property that does not exceed $500. The crime must have been committed within school premises, places of worship, or within government property. A theft offense that would qualify as a class A misdemeanor is charged as Class 4 felony theft in case the offender has a theft-related conviction in his/her criminal records. The jail sentence for Class 4 theft is a jail term of 1-3 years and a fine not exceeding 25,000. The offender also pays full compensation to the affected parties.

Belleville, Illinois treats theft suspects as innocent until proven guilty. Suspects have a right to legal advice and legal representation in court. Feel free to seek legal counsel whenever you need a team qualified to defeat all charges thrown against you at the dock.

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