What to Do If You Get Pulled Over Under The Influence?

what to do when pulled over for a DUI?

Driving under the influence?

You are driving, and suddenly you get pulled over by a cop. Shortly you get arrested and charged with driving under the influence. What do you do? It is at this time that you require to call a DUI or DWI law office for advice on ramifications and rights from your actions. Our law office at Granite City, IL, will assist you in decision making in the event of DUI or DWI.

The first thing you should do when you get pulled over is to slow down and move the vehicle by the roadside. Remember to keep your hands on the steering wheel after lowering your window. Unless asked, do not get out of your car or make sudden movements. Be courteous and polite to the police officer. Being violent will only add charges to your charge sheet.

On suspicion of DUI or DWI, the arresting officer will not ordinarily call your attorney unless you have accepted or declined a breathalyzer test. The police can interrogate you and may administer a breathalyzer test. Politely decline to answer questions that may land you into problems until you can consult your attorney. Being candid does not mean you will be better off. If you are in an accident, the only information you may avail of is your vehicle and personal identification.

Should you take the breathalyzer when pulled over for a DUI?

Should you accept a breathalyzer test when suspected of a DUI?

First, it is good to know that refusal to subject yourself to one will lead to an automatic penalty of twelve months license suspension. If you are a first offender, you may be put on six months suspension subject to a low BAC of 0.08. Where possible, consult your attorney before submitting to a chemical test.

Alternatively, you may be subjected to a coordination test. Refusal to take one will result in evidence against you when you go on trial. However, you will have permission to explain your refusal to the court. You may, therefore, refuse the test if you are not able to reach your attorney. Your attorney may request the court for more tests to counter that evidence.

The best way to keep off arrests based on DUI or DWI is to avoid drinking while you have to drive. But if you find yourself in this situation, contacting your attorney can save you from more legal penalties. At Granite City, IL law office, we will provide you with an attorney to sort you out.

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