How to Get a Traffic Ticket Expunged From Your Record


Expunge a traffic ticket from your record

To expunge a traffic ticket means that the ticket is removed entirely from your driving record. The primary purpose of erasing the ticket is to keep insurance companies from charging you excess premiums because of the traffic ticket conviction. If you have to pay the fine, it is the same as a conviction, and even then, it is a much higher risk as far as insurance companies are concerned. There are a few steps to follow for people who want their tickets expunged from their driving records in Madison County, IL.

every traffic ticket is on your driving record

Have a copy of your driving records

The first thing you need to do is pull a copy of your driving record. This will make it easier for you to remove the violations. There are a few places you can go to get the department of motor vehicles. You can choose to visit their website or look at their website online. You will be allowed to order a copy online, but you have to pay a small processing fee. The insurers are also mandated to provide you with a free copy of the driving records so you can choose to order from them.

You also need to know how long the offenses will stay on your records. In most cases, the offenses, especially serious ones, can remain in your files for between 5 and 15 years, although some records will stay on your records for life.

a driver safety course helps with your traffic ticket

Take a driver safety course

For minor offenses, taking a simple driver safety course will remove the points from your driving record. Before you sign up for this course, make sure that you check. In some cases, the course can also have the most tickets dismissed. Check your eligibility and start the course immediately so that you gain maximum benefits from the course.

fight your traffic ticket

Fight the tickets

The other way to take care of the tickets is to fight them before they get on your records. This is crucial if you have been charged with a DUI or other records that stick to your records for decades. At this point, you will need to hire a traffic ticket-driving attorney. They will advise you on the best course to take to ensure your records remain clean.

Fighting to have a traffic ticket expunged from your record is tasking. You should, therefore, focus more on the ways you can use to avoid getting the tickets in the first place.

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