Is It Possible To Modify My Parenting Time Arrangement in Illinois?

Child Custody

In Granite City, IL, the parenting time arrangement you and your ex agreed upon during your divorce or initial court proceedings may have suited your family’s needs at the time. However, as circumstances change, it’s not uncommon for modifications to become necessary. If you’ve experienced significant shifts in your lives or schedules, seeking guidance from an experienced Illinois parenting time attorney can be invaluable.

Regarding Informal Modifications

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If you and your ex have mutually agreed upon a modification that works for both of you, it’s important to understand that your original parenting time orders remain legally binding. Essentially, if your ex changes their stance midway, you could find yourself in violation of a court order. Nonetheless, if you both have come to an agreement, the court is likely to approve the modification.

Prioritizing Your Children’s Best Interests

The court typically assumes that your current parenting time orders were established with the best interests of your children in mind. In Illinois, all child custody determinations are based on these best interest factors, such as:

  • Each parent’s preferences
  • The preferences of mature children
  • Each parent’s level of involvement with the children
  • How well the children’s living arrangements meet their needs in terms of home, school, and community.

If circumstances dictate that a modification would better serve your children’s best interests, the court will consider your case.

Common Reasons for Modifications

Illinois courts aim to minimize disruptions in children’s lives whenever possible. Generally, parenting time plans cannot be altered until at least two years after the original orders, unless there’s a compelling reason to do so. The court acknowledges that children’s needs evolve, and common reasons for granting modifications include:

  • Significant changes in either parent’s work schedule
  • Substantial changes in the children’s schedules
  • A parent’s relocation making the current plan unfeasible
  • Children reaching an age where constant transitions between homes become burdensome.

The court strives to find a balance in parenting time schedules that best serve the children’s evolving needs.

Seeking to adjust your parenting time arrangement in Illinois? Turn to Elovitz Law Office for expert legal assistance and compassionate support. Our skilled attorneys specialize in navigating family law complexities to ensure your children’s best interests are prioritized. Contact us today for personalized guidance on your parenting time case!

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