New Criminal and Traffic Laws for 2023 in Edwardsville, IL

New Laws

There will be over 180 new laws going into effect in Edwardsville and the rest of Illinois this year. Some of these new laws will impact traffic and criminal cases going forward and will also impact those already incarcerated in the Illinois Department of Corrections and County Jail. Here wan want to give a rundown of some of these new laws and what they will entail.

Some New Traffic Laws

For anyone in Edwardsville or any other part of Illinois, it is now illegal to engage in a “street sideshow” on any street or highway that will slow down or completely stop the flow of traffic. This law was proposed due to the high amount of drag racing and street shows that occurred the previous year. If you are a bus driver, you will no longer be suspended for a three-year period for not paying child support. Community services is now a penalty for those caught speeding in a school zone. It is important to learn about any new traffic laws that are going into effect in Illinois, so you do not violate them.

Some New Criminal Laws

Any devices that are used to open a vehicle without using a key or duplicate the same signal from a key fob now constitutes as ‘burglary”. Given there is a timely file of a police report, victims of a carjacking will not be held responsible for traffic violations when caught by red light cameras. There will be additional funding and resources provided to law enforcement to assist in preventing carjackings.

New Laws Affecting Correctional Facilities and Prisoners

Re-entry specialists will be getting hired by The Department of Corrections for every correctional facility and jail in the state. These specialists will help offenders transition into normal life after prison and assist them with new skills such as healthcare and getting a job. Retired correctional officers are now allowed to carry weapons off duty as they will be considered qualified law enforcement officers. People currently incarcerated at the Illinois Department of Corrections, or their attorneys now can request a copy of their master file once every year. This will include all disciplinary history among other things.

These are not the only laws that have gone into or will go into effect this year. If you live in Edwardsville, IL, and have any questions about any of these new laws, give our team of professionals at the Law Offices of Robert Elovitz a call today!

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