Traffic Law Attorneys serving Collinsville, Illinois

Are you dealing with a traffic ticket for something that you didn’t do? You need to talk with experienced traffic law attorneys that know how to navigate this area of the law. At the Law Office of Robert Elovitz, we provide traffic law legal advice to people in Collinsville, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. As a family-owned firm, we understand the pressure that traffic citations can put on you, and we’re here to help those in our local community. We can use over 25 years of experience to help you get tickets taken off of your record to keep your insurance premiums from going up among other things. Please call our staff to schedule an in initial consultation of your needs!

traffic law attorneys collinsville illinois
traffic lawyers collinsville illinois

Traffic Lawyers Collinsville, Illinois

Those in the Collinsville, IL area know that it’s us to call for all their traffic law assistance needs. In fact, they know that our staff features an experienced attorney that understands how to deal with this tricky and confusing area of the law. From a speeding ticket that to parking tickets and more, we know how to expunge a variety of types of citations from your record, and that includes moving violations and non-moving violations. Below, you’ll find information about the types of tickets we help with – call our staff for the help you need!

Types of Traffic Violations

Our law office is adept at helping people get rid of a variety of types of tickets from their driving record. However, the process for doing this will depend on the state where you received the ticket, the severity of the charge and the type of citation. read below about the types of violations that we can help you with at our office:

Options for Paying Tickets

When it comes to traffic tickets, these are not written in stone. In fact, there are quite a few options. First, you need to figure out if a court appearance is necessary – this will be marked on your citation. If necessary, you’ll need to hire an attorney o help with this. If it’s not necessary, you have the following options for dealing with your ticket!

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