FAQs About The Divorce Process in Alton, Illinois

the divorce process in alton illinois

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Divorce

the divorce process in alton illinois

Dealing with a divorce is quite a daunting task, but it can get even more overwhelming when one is trying to understand the various legal issues that come with it. The decisions that you make in the course of the divorce process are going to affect you for many years to come, and therefore, you need a reliable divorce lawyer or source of information to answer any questions that you may be having. Below are some common questions about divorce in Alton, IL.

How long does the Divorce Process Take?

At the beginning of the process, it is virtually impossible to tell how long it is going to take. The time it takes depends on factors such as the divorce lawyer representing the other party, the complexity and the number of contested issues, the ability of parties to work together, and the court’s calendar.

How much does a Divorce Cost?

There are both variable and fixed costs when it comes to divorce. The fixed costs are the fees that are usually paid for filing the paperwork. This fee goes to court. They vary from state to state, but they generally range from $200 to $500. The variable costs include the fees of legal representation and preparation of documents, which can vary from one law office to another, depending on the complexity of the contested issues.

Do I have to go to court?

In many cases, you may have to attend a hearing before a judge or an official acting as a judge even if a divorce is uncontested. This may be in a courtroom or a judge’s office. You may also need witnesses to testify. If you and your spouse have already signed an agreement, the hearing is going to take less than 30 minutes. All that is required is to satisfy the judge that the paperwork is in order, the residency requirement is met, and the necessary notices have been given. In contested cases, more court sessions may have to be held.

What is a no-fault divorce?

no-fault divorce process in alton illinois

A no-fault divorce occurs when one party simply does not want to continue with marriage for no apparent reason. Traditionally, getting a divorce was only possible if one of the parties could prove that the other party was at fault. Therefore divorce could only be possible in the cases of cheating, insanity, spousal abuse, and being imprisoned for a felony. However, today, it is possible to get a divorce even if none of the parties is at fault, and this is what is called a no-fault divorce.

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