Can Felons Own a Firearm in Mascoutah, IL?


The United States Constitution does guarantee the right to own a firearm in Mascoutah, IL. However, if you have a felony charge on your record, you do lose this right. Felons in the state of Illinois cannot own or have in their possession any type of firearm. The same rule applies to ammunition for a […]

Criminal Case Law Edwardsville IL

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How To File An Appeal in A Criminal Case Edwardsville IL Dealing with a criminal case can be difficult, but there are solutions if you’re willing to work with an attorney and the Illinois court system. If you’ve been convicted and sentenced, you can file an appeal to a higher court to have them review […]

How to Get Your Case to The Federal Court – Edwardsville IL

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How Cases Get To Federal Court from Edwardsville IL Many Americans have a limited understanding of the federal court system. Beyond the expression “making a federal case out of it,” the general impression is that federal courts are for the biggest and most important cases. This isn’t entirely true, though if you have been served […]