Can You Get a DUI For Driving High in Fairview Heights, Illinois?


What Happens If You Drive High in Fairview Heights?

Illinois happens to be one of the few states that include driving high in its written DUI laws. If you do use marijuana, this is a blog that you are going to want to follow. With Illinois having its laws, there will be different rules from state to state. To understand the various rules of the road, continue reading.

DUI Laws

When it comes to driving under the influence in Illinois, alcohol, drugs, or intoxicating compounds fall under this category. In Illinois, the law allows its authorities to charge a person with a DUI if your Blood Alcohol Concentration measures 0.08% or higher. They can also charge you anytime that they have reason to believe that substances are impairing your ability to drive. This is the case since no one reacts to alcohol or other drugs the same. This is the same for marijuana. This also includes any prescription medications. This is substantial, especially if you are mixing this with alcohol.


The Illinois statute does explicitly address marijuana. It brings up that medical marijuana users may drive while under the influence of their prescription if they have a form of legal documentation with them on hand. With this mindset, if their consumption is affecting their driving or risking the lives of others on the road, this is a different story. If you happen to be caught driving under the influence, and you are seen to be risking your and other drivers’ lives, this isn’t a good citation. This could result in your breaking the law and be subjected to a DUI charge of any amount. This will not change even if you can show proper documentation.

Traffic Stop

If you are pulled over while you are under the influence of marijuana, refrain from telling the officer that you are indeed high. This is under any circumstance. Prosecuting DUIs for drug use can be difficult and expensive. They must test you for a whole spectrum of substances. It is still possible that an officer may still arrest you for a DUI if they believe you are intoxicated and impaired. However, you will still need to have a better defense in court if you do not admit guilt in the encounter.

If you are needed any other help with this certain type of case, contact us at Elovitz Law. We are a highly trained staff ready for any case that you will bring to us. If you are unsure of any other allegations or rules that Illinois does imply, we are here for you. Give us a call as soon as possible.

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