What Is A Temporary Order?


Understanding a Temporary Order When a married couple decides to separate, there are many important issues that arise. Formal decisions resulting from court proceedings can take months or even years. Urgent decisions can’t wait that long which brings about the need for a temporary order. A temporary order will dictate how important matters are to […]

How An Injunction During Divorce Can Keep You Safe

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Divorce is never easy, even when the process goes smoothly. When the parties are disputing multiple issues, or when domestic abuse is an issue in the divorce, it is common for the court to issue injunctions. Injunctions are orders, binding in law, that force a person with a case before the court to either do […]

What You Need To Ask A Family Law Attorney Before Hiring Them

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When you choose to hire a family law attorney to settle litigation matters, it is a major decision. An attorney that handles family law cases becomes privy to a lot of your personal information regarding your personal life, financial situation, and your children. Not only do you want to hire an attorney that you can […]